How to win dead Money in Poker Online?


This is the money that you bet but you never wanted to bet this money in the pot. But this happens due to a situation while playing the game. These situations can be many in the game of poker online such as a blind bet.  Now it’s your chance and you also have to put a blind bet or asking to show your hands in the end. However, these are the unavoidable bets which a player does not want to make. But he needs to as per the rules and regulations of the game. Most of the players even the experienced players recognize this as an issue. Additionally, they would always like to have relaxation in raising requirements in the game. Some players indeed play better than others and they are well and truly aware of this concept. But if you venture to play such a complex game then a beginner should also be ready with these concepts. To defend your dead money many players play attacking. To defend their blind bets they start making loose calls and re rises. This works sometimes at situs online poker but not always.

 Attacking Dead Money

It is good that blinds and antes are only the instances wherein a player invests more money than what his hand worth. If you like to shine against the better players of the game then you need to learn this strategy. Leading players of the game make effective use of such a situation they play attackingly. Once they realize there is enough dead money in the pot they play attacking with aggressive bets. This brings opponents of strong players under immense pressure and those who can’t tolerate starts folding their hands. This in turn increases the chances of end up winning. Moreover, this makes it even advantageous for the player who is playing with an aggressive strategy. This is how attacking dead money becomes an attractive proposition to maximize benefits for strong players.

Defending Dead Money

It is true that if you want to put pressure on experienced players of the game then you need to make some big calls. Sometimes it is profitable to accumulate wealth by stealing. For this, you need not risk for a beat or showdown. If a good and aggressive player makes a play at a pot then there is a fair chance that he will commit most of his money in that pot. This can come as an advantageous situation for a good player. For a strong player either his opponents will fold or make a bigger call. Since rising is not an option in such a situation, then the only way you are left with is to take advantage of the situation and make a big call.

This article must have given our reader a firm understanding of poker online can use attacking and defending to bring dead money. It is not easy to learn these tricks but if you practice these then you have a fair chance to learn. The best way for beginners to learn it by observing good players and see how they do it successfully?



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