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No engagement these days can ever be complete without a diamond ring.  Tradition and the promise of romance has made the diamond engagement ring an indispensable part of any marriage proposal.  And there is a very good reason for this.  In fact, there are several reasons why diamonds are great for engagement rings.  Here are just a few of them:

Nothing shines quite like a diamond

A rough diamond may not look like a lot when it hasn’t been processed.  But in the hands of a skilled jeweler, a small pebble will look like no other.  Diamonds have a reflective quality.  This characteristic allows them to reflect back light, something that is readily noticeable in diamonds that have been cut expertly.  This light is so beautiful and impressive that people frequently refer to it as the diamond’s ‘fire’.

The brilliance of diamonds make them stunning as pieces of jewelry and especially great for use as engagement rings.  The brilliance makes diamonds easy to notice and difficult to ignore.

Diamonds are associated with the highest quality

Diamonds are considered one of the most expensive gemstones on the planet.  when it comes to engagement rings, diamond stones are also the most preferred… and expected.  So much so that most people do not regard other gemstones with as much admiration and awe, even if their value and craftsmanship is excellent.

Because of their beauty and durability, diamonds are also associated with premium quality.  This is why producers and manufacturers of consumer goods such as cars, appliances and gadgets to name a few, frequently use the word ‘diamond’ to designate the best of their products and services.  If there is a stamp that says, ‘鑽石級數‘ or ‘diamond line’, you can be sure that what you are about to buy is the top of the line.

The durability and timelessness of diamonds make them great for engagement rings because they represent long-lasting love.  After all, what is a marriage proposal if not the promise of a love that lasts?  By what it represents, diamonds are arguably the most romantic gemstones in the world.

Diamonds are the hardest known minerals in the planet

One of the most timeless and successful marketing slogans is de Beers’ ‘A diamond is forever’.  And they are probably right.  Diamonds register a hardness rating of 10 (the hardest) on the Mohs scale, an instrument that measures the hardness of minerals, something that has long been associated with this gemstone.

In fact, even people in the ancient times have already acknowledged diamonds for this quality.  To this day, diamonds are used not just to adorn the most beautiful of jewelry (including engagement rings) but also as tools to cut, etch and polish glass, metals and yes, even other diamonds.

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